Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company (GLDD) provides dredging and marine engineering services that have helped shape the living environment and transportation resources of communities across the world, including America’s largest cities and busiest ports. GLDD has played a pivotal role in the creation of shorelines and waterways, the deepening of ports and harbors, and the restoration of aquatic habitats.

Today, the company has established itself as a leader and innovator in the U.S. maritime industry and is credited with engineering many patented technologies.

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GLDD was founded on the shores of Lake Michigan in 1890. The company’s early roots centered on the dredging and construction of Chicago’s river lock system and existing shoreline, executing work on major city landmarks: the Chicago River, Michigan Ave Bridge, and foundation for Navy Pier.

GLDD has since grown its service offering and expanded its reach to a global presence. The company has operated major dredging projects within the international markets of Europe, Asia, Middle East, Central and South America, and most recently Australia.

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In 2006, GLDD adopted an Incident- and Injury-Free (IIF) safety management program that has been integrated into all aspects of the company’s culture. The company’s commitment to the IIF culture promotes a work environment where employee safety is paramount.

As an industry leader in developing safety performance, GLDD is dedicated to the creation and adoption of worker safety programs. All GLDD employees are expected to follow the IIF program and govern their behavior for safety. We are committed without compromise to safe productivity.

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