Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company is America's premier dredging contractor.
To create, maintain and restore a wide variety of port and coastal assets – harbors, waterways, rivers, wetlands, beaches, and storm-eroded shores – we use our sizeable fleet of specialized dredging equipment to excavate and transport the full range of underwater soils, including silts, sands, clays, and rock. We work worldwide.
Our fleet is comprised of twenty cutter suction dredges, eight hopper dredges, five bucket dredges, two drill boats, a fleet of hydraulic loaders, barges, booster pumps, state-of-the-art survey vessels, and dozens of other specialized support vessels, as well as land equipment.
Most of the fleet is certified for offshore work, enabling GLDD to execute dredging contracts of all sizes and degrees of complexity.
We maintain waterways and harbors by removing accumulated material. We restore eroded beaches. We rehabilitate damaged wetlands and other aquatic habitats.
We deepen existing harbors or build new ones, sometimes creating new land masses by removing soils from approved offshore borrow areas and putting them where they expand shorelines or create islands.
The company's highest priority is the safety of its employees. The company promotes a safety culture committed to training, awareness and mutual responsibility for the well-being of fellow workers.
Great Lakes leads the industry in developing safety performance. We are committed without compromise to safe productivity.
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