The Keta Lagoon is a large body of fresh water separated from the salt waters of the Gulf of Guinea by a narrow strip of land. This isthmus experiences severe and continuous erosion. A large portion of residential and public infrastructure in the village of Keta, including the road linking it to its northern neighbors, has been lost to the sea. The stretch of land between Keta and Kedzi erodes at a rate of from 4 to 8 m/year, and is now less than 50 m wide in some places.

If the isthmus were to be breached by the sea, harmful changes in salinity and flow within the lagoon would occur, with quite likely catastrophic consequences for local agriculture, fishing industry, commerce, and day-to-day conditions for those who live in Keta, Vodza, Kedzi, and the surrounding area. By the same token, if the massive Volta River swells in the rainy season, flooding can also pose serious threats to the integrity of the fragile fresh-water environment. The Avu-Keta subregion makes its living on the lagoon: its preservation is a crucial first step in the resumption of the area’s socio-economic development.
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Keta Sea Defense
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