Vice President of Government Relations & U.S. Business Development


Mr. Hanson is a 40 year veteran of the dredging and maritime construction industry and has been with GLDD for 29 years and a Vice President since 2004. In 2013, he opened GLDD’s first office in Washington DC.  Mr. Hanson began his career with the US Army Corps of Engineers in Galveston and Los Angeles, and then worked for Connolly Pacific of Long Beach, California before joining GLDD in 1988.  At GLDD, he served in management roles in the North Atlantic and Southern Divisions as well as managing Latin America for 12 years. Mr. Hanson serves on several Federal Advisory committees as well as on boards of groups with national and regional interest to GLDD, and several academic advisory boards related to ocean and coastal engineering. Mr. Hanson is a 1979 Ocean Engineering graduate of Texas A&M, where he was named a distinguished alumni in 2013.